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Dyslexia Declarations

I am number 14, SO thrilled!! 


I fall in love with sentences.

Writing for me is not about emotion, although I do hope my writing evokes emotion in my readers. Writing for me is defining something right down to the nano-essence. If I am writing about what I know it becomes a mind game, a type of puzzle to find the words (not always successfully), the exact words that define what I see into a sentence. I am not talking about a description of what is going on in my writing. I am talking about setting forth the meaning of an action or thought in a poetic way that captures all of the senses.

When my characters are evolving I journey with them, like a ghost on their shoulder in the movie of their life. I write when I can feel as well as hear what is going on.

My process and challenge is to take the picture in my imagination, finding the precise wording that will make me fall in love with my sentence (Random Kellee fact number one: I fall in love with sentences), turning my precise wording into sentences the reader can form back into pictures enabling them to escape into my world for a brief time.   I want the reader to see what I see and this brings me back to falling in love with my sentences.

I know I have achieved my goal if I love my sentence. I will want to read it over and over. I will want to devote all my time to it living in its world and escaping reality. And that gives me a nerdy little electrical rush through my body.

If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic

If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic! Ha!! I love this. It is me through and through.

When I tell someone I am dyslexic they often say, “So you read and write things backwards.” This does not come out like a question. The fact that people can put any of what dyslexia is about into words is a good thing. Personally I am more of an inside out perspective. Lemons inside out is Melons. This is me.

I recently tried explaining what it is like for me to edit my work. When I visualize editing something I have written, a meat tenderizer always comes to mind.

You see, I write something and reread it. To the best of my ability my work will pass my inspection. I will then let it “rest” for a while and go back for a once over  later. When I do (this is where the meat tenderizer comes in) I pulverize my work. I will say to myself, that doesn’t sound right. I will recognize the missing word and type it in. Now, say the missing word is LEMONS easy enough fix, right? Wrong.

I will look at my freshly typed word and think, that doesn’t look right.

I will modify LEMONS with my favorite writing tool the all important meat tenderizer. Reworking until Life itself will question the sanity of placing LEMONS in my care.

I will then ask someone around me to spell it, matching the letters one by one. This always takes two times through the word. I will then ask my appointed speller if they are sure. And, for some twisted fate in life they’re always positive.

I will come out of said revise with Melons and shake my fist at the Gods Of Revision.

In the end I am left with life giving me one more of those extra Melons. I quickly take it away and put it with the mountains of other Melons life has given me.

Now compound that one word into a whole manuscript of words and add in punctuation. Eventually winding up here.

Some people, when asked what they want most in life, will answer with things like happiness, peace of mind. Not me. My wish would be for an editor or a beta reader. You see the definition of peace of mind for me would be to spell the word Lemons and know without a doubt that it is in fact Lemons staring back at me. As for happiness? Well, all I can tell you is when life hands out Lemons I always get Melons and who wouldn’t be happy with an endless supply of Melons!!

Our Hero

We have seen the perfect image but cannot place a face.

Stubborn yet vulnerable.

Handsome yet unaffected.

Strong but flawed.

Loving yet encouraging.

Self-assured yet always evolving into exactly what we need.

Somehow blurred to perfection he embodies what should have been and those that might still be. But sadly he has wrecked us for all men. His measure is based on the limits of man. He rides the sub-conscience devouring foolish missteps of men. His ruthless creation is our deepest desire.

We fall in love repeatedly, never the same way or reason. Often times he reminds how to continue loving. Igniting that spark that’s not even possible in reality. Sometimes it is enough to just remember what once was or might still be. A sweet breath for the drowning. A younger woman’s dreams. An older woman’s memories.

Other male faces were real but how we preferred to see them was not. We pushed, molded and wished but they could never be him, he was born from them.

A wish after every argument.

A feature after every shortcoming.

A word after every silence.

A caress after every unfulfilled desire.

Protector, leader, friend and equal they wrote him down but we drew him into our mind’s eye long before. Even if described to oppose our taste we always find our faceless perfection waiting just ahead to walk through any given journey. Or was he carrying, persuading, challenging or seducing us last time?

It does not matter, he never fails. He is everything we want and everything we never knew was desired. Funny how a blurry man can unearth such clarity.

He is what draws every reader to the next novel. As soon as we turn the last page on him we scramble to find another novel, another glimpse.

The writer brings about the adventure. Does the reader even know it is the million tiny nuances in their life’s story that gives breath to him? Do they know they can write him perfectly if they try? After all, he could not be if they had not already invented him. It is perfection. We fall in love, repentance is not required. Hope is our consequence.

He is a Band-Aid.

He is closure.

He is new beginnings.

He is forgiveness and second chances.

The greatest romance to ever take place is when someone finally wrote the first scene unlocking the fiction women dream to be reality.

He is a fictional character.

He is the hero and we the protagonist of his world.

Writing Writing Tips For Less Knowledgeable Writers Is Supposed To Help Me Reach My Target Audience?

If you ask how to drive traffic to your blog the answer is almost always the same. Provide something of value to your potential reader. This is always followed by writing tips.

The blog I’m supposed to write. 101 writing tips.

The underlying point of a writer blogging about the rules of the trade is (according to other successful authors): To gain traffic so people will find out about and buy your book. There are SO many of these blogs it is mind boggling. But when an author blogs about writing tips and then spams a million “buy my children’s book” tweets, I get confused.

My question: Why would you think that your future readers are other writers? Sure, writers usually love reading but they are not your target audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about writing tips. I have grown as a writer because of those tips and I need them. But my novel is geared towards  young adults. Shouldn’t I be trying to get the fans of bands like One direction to read my blog?? I am a young adult author, they are young adults, that would seem logical to me.

The answer is no, leave “One Directioners” alone and concentrate on your genre or purpose.  (Trust me, unless you are One Direction, trying to sell your auto-biography, these fans are NOT interested, no matter what you blog about.)

Am I the only one who sees a flaw in the “writing tips” method? Personally, I value creative over perfect only because I cannot always see your mistakes (being dyslexic me) but I can immerse myself into your cleverly written world. (And, if you break the rules of writing for a clever, creative purpose, I will immediately consider you a kindred spirit.)

Now, if the purpose of writing tips is to attract your peers than this is a very effective method. But, if you are looking for your target audience, know who they are and what they like. Theme your blog around those guidelines because I bet their not interested in writing tips. Then tweet about your blog and have that lead them to your book.

For example: Say your novel’s genre is paranormal, I would include something like this link:

Most Haunted Real Places

Gain interest in your novel by immersing your audience in what they love. Take them on a virtual tour that will scare the shit out of them. Or treat them to a bit of the urban-legend that prompted you to write your sure-to-be best selling thriller. If you make it clever I assure you, your readers will periodically check back in to see where else you can take them. Eventually they WILL by your book.

If they love romance and your novel is just that, then maybe an article about relationships, or, if you wanted me to buy your book/read your blog, include this picture. I assure you I will buy whatever this man is selling!

If you are writing a non-fiction about something like gardening, a link like this may be of interest to your reader:


These people are dying to know how others get carrots to grow in the desert. Keep your blog about gardening and leave out the writing tips. Who knows, you may even attract the interest of people behind said link, prompting them to mention your work. Credible website says buy your book, sounds like marketing gold if you ask me!

Whatever your genre create a buzz of awesome information, immersing your target audience in what they love. It makes sense and gives your blog purpose. This is what I will be doing as my writing career eeks along.

If you have a manuscript and are trying to attract the illusive agent/publisher, make your blog samples of your writing style. Focus on your strengths.

If you are like me, you are learning as you go. A blog about writing is not only appreciated but necessary. But if your tweeting “buy my book” and making everyone mad, I suggest writing a blog that sparks an interest for your target audience. Then you can tweet about your latest posts and sell some books based on the creative and vast knowledge of your genre. This can save a LOT of wasted time. Not to mention the Twitter Police will stop writing “what not to do” articles (that really are true, sorry to say) about you.

I have accomplished a great many goals with this blog. For me it serves a multitude of purposes. I look forward to doing some creative posts about my up and coming genre, adding randomly to  my writing portfolio and connecting with individuals/groups with common interests.

I wish you all the best and hope you enjoyed my cleverly disguised (must have) post about writing tips. LOL ~Dyslexicwhisper

Query This!

I have always wanted to start my query letter off with: Dear Query Gods. Because lets face it, that’s how it feels.

images (2)

Dear Query Gods,

Thank you for being out there to glance at my plea. It has taken me twice as long to write this as it did the novel,

images (40)

but that is okay because I understand that each Query God needs to be worshiped in a different way (by the way your non-gimmicky churro of the month basket should begin next month).

images (13)

I know your time is precious so I made sure to write something that will make you rich and famous.

images (19)

I am confident you are the right Query God for the job because I follow you, I mean I subscribe to your facebook page and follow you on twitter. I feel like I am your number one stalker,

images (16)

I mean fan, having read every one of your tweets about your cats and their daily routine.

By the way, did I mention my protagonist is a cat?

images (24)images (23)images (22)

images (21)

I humbly submit my risky manuscript. If I play my cards right you may just write me back telling me no, in no less than 500 different ways.

images (34)

But that is alright because every time my spam filled e-mail shows a response from one of you, my heart starts pounding, and that is enough to hook me like a crack addict.

images (27)

What is my book about, you want to know? Well, let me tell you. No better yet why don’t you tell me what you want my book to be about and I will start fresh, because I read so many novels that are such crap, yet still get published, that I am confident I can be your stooge if given half the chance.

images (30)

My credentials you ask? Let me get out the list… Sorry, I had it on the back of a Target receipt and must have tossed it out. Oh, no, wait, I have none! If I seriously had the kind of credentials that would win me a book deal wouldn’t you be writing me this letter?

images (32)

I would have liked to tell you more but my word count is already up there, risking rejection by a glance.

images (36)

So please, we have strained the alphabet enough. Can’t wait to hear from you, I can tell your as eager about this as I am.

Yours (not in an over friendly, not in an unfriendly way)

images (37)                              images (39)




666 sold my soul dr.

images (41)

I Had A Dream: A Thank You From Me To You!


As the year wraps up and I am fully immersed in the holiday season I want to take a minute to say thank you! Thank you to my readers, friends, family and my internet community!

At first the year started out like this…


And I was stuck in my metaphorical tower…


Afraid to put myself out there…


I decided to try anyways. And most of the first few months felt like this…


Many moments felt like this…


But I started to get the hang of things and I figured out what I needed…


The more time I spent doing this…


The more people I came to know…


And the more they came to feel like family…


A few even became close…


They helped steer me away from anything suspicious…


And anyone suspicious…


I put together my professional image…


I was able to cling to that illusion even when I felt like this…


I met a great publisher…


And they shared their secrets with me…


They gave me direction…


I hold dearly the time they have invested in my work…


This opened up possibilities for me…


They wanted to know who I was…


I showed them how I think…


I found out that underdog was really the definition of superhero…


This kept me from to much…


In turn stopping me from going…


My best friend is my sister. I call her my Samwise because she will walk to the fiery mountain with me. Always standing by my side.


Oftentimes leading the way, sometimes even carrying me…


I love her with all my heart and soul…


I went to some great parties…


I met interesting people and introduced them to my personality …


I learned not to take life too seriously…


And when I look back at all the people I have met and all the milestones I have accomplished I am happy to say I love my life and everyone in it! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

So thank you and Happy Holidays!






Twenty billion thoughts a day

Being chased by one moment that wont go away

My throat closes and my mind starts to race

That bit of evil can always keep pace

I take to my feet out running my fear

Cause it hasn’t proved helpful to reach for a beer

Pill or powder liquid or smoke

The demon is coming my pain will evoke

I look frozen but I am actually raging inside

The madness behind my eyes it does hide

Jealous and envy for your normal life

My soul cries out drowning with rife

I choose every next moment exhausted and dull

Nothing ever happens yet my mind is so full

My neurons are jumping one over the next

Enveloping are memories out of context

A trigger has now become my biggest fear

Like demons inside my memories sear

I jump at sound and cringe when anyone walks by

The devil surrounds me I wish I could fly

One moment in time has shattered my soul

One more moment in time is my only goal

Confessions of a thief

I stole something and used it to become immortal.

I was told these things were better left to others, they were not for me.

I snuck off with 100,000 of them anyways.

I stole sacred artificial symbols and used them with reckless abandon.

I used them to time travel and as expressions of love.

I used them to create havoc and conquer evil.

And when I had finished, immortality was mine.

My imagination was bigger than the individual squiggles necessary to translate my thoughts. Don’t you see I had to steal them?

The world will read my words despite their shady beginnings.

They won’t know right away that an impostor deceived them because I have assembled a symbol laundering crime family.

There are incriminating e-mails marked up and down with the dirty word REVISION. It is only a matter of time before the jig is up.

People from my past may recognize me. They might know the truth based on my alias, to them I am Kellee Farr AKA Dyslexicwhisper. When some find out the allegations will begin. “Thief, you don’t belong!” they will yell.

But others will be drawn in and get lost in my world.

I am already preparing for the consequences for my thievery.

The authorities will soon abandon the light switch of my mind, given up in response to my anarchy.

It will be me and me alone that will hold the responsibility of keeping the light in my mind turned off – or…turning it on.

But I will not feel the burden that was once theirs.

No, I will finally celebrate all that was hidden away.                  ———Kellee Farr

Dyslexic Words

She is born

She is perfect, she says

She is the happiest little girl, she boasts

She dances to a different drummer, she laughs

I like to dance, I say

She can draw, he says

I like to draw, I say

You are creative, she says

Everything I see is beautiful, I say

Tell me what you mean, she says

I don’t know how, I say

I am me, I celebrate

She is enrolled, they say

I am excited, I celebrate

She has a temper, she says

She is falling behind, they say

I don’t know what it says, I argue

She is deficient, they say

She is dyslexic, they whisper

But, I am me, I say

She is not paying attention, she says

I am sorry, I say

She is copying it wrong, they huff

I am sorry, I say

She is late, she says

I am sorry, I say

She is weird, they say

I am me, I mumble

That was the funniest thing I ever read, she says

I cannot see it, I urge

Follow the words of the song, she instructs

I would rather make up my own, I dodge

She is lazy, they growl

I am sorry, I say

She is unorganized, they complain

I am trying, I whisper

You don’t belong here, they say

I can do it, I plead

There goes the dumbest girl you will ever meet, he says

I hate me, I say

Welcome, here we will be sure to push you through, they say

You want to make me hallow, I ask

That is how you will get a diploma, because you cannot do it, they say

I am ashamed, I think

Don’t think, they say

I hate me, I say

She is not paying attention, he says

NO, you’re not paying attention, I plead

I can do it like this, I explain

NO, and you don’t have to explain, they say

I WILL find a way to explain, I know

I tested out of reading, I jump up and down

um, good for you, they slowly back away

I could live in that story, I dream

Here is your test, they say

Here is your money, I gasp

You are the most disoriented dyslexic adult we have ever met, they smile

I kinda knew it, I murmur

No you are wonderful, they explain

I am me, I say

Here is your computer, he says

Here is your money, I gasp

Hi we are all dyslexic, they tweet

I am a thinker, he says

I ma creative, he greets

I am clever, he says

I understand, she laughs

I am a buisnessman, he offers

I have empathey, she tweets

I have courage, she writes

I am home, I sigh