Twenty billion thoughts a day

Being chased by one moment that wont go away

My throat closes and my mind starts to race

That bit of evil can always keep pace

I take to my feet out running my fear

Cause it hasn’t proved helpful to reach for a beer

Pill or powder liquid or smoke

The demon is coming my pain will evoke

I look frozen but I am actually raging inside

The madness behind my eyes it does hide

Jealous and envy for your normal life

My soul cries out drowning with rife

I choose every next moment exhausted and dull

Nothing ever happens yet my mind is so full

My neurons are jumping one over the next

Enveloping are memories out of context

A trigger has now become my biggest fear

Like demons inside my memories sear

I jump at sound and cringe when anyone walks by

The devil surrounds me I wish I could fly

One moment in time has shattered my soul

One more moment in time is my only goal


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