Confessions of a thief

I stole something and used it to become immortal.

I was told these things were better left to others, they were not for me.

I snuck off with 100,000 of them anyways.

I stole sacred artificial symbols and used them with reckless abandon.

I used them to time travel and as expressions of love.

I used them to create havoc and conquer evil.

And when I had finished, immortality was mine.

My imagination was bigger than the individual squiggles necessary to translate my thoughts. Don’t you see I had to steal them?

The world will read my words despite their shady beginnings.

They won’t know right away that an impostor deceived them because I have assembled a symbol laundering crime family.

There are incriminating e-mails marked up and down with the dirty word REVISION. It is only a matter of time before the jig is up.

People from my past may recognize me. They might know the truth based on my alias, to them I am Kellee Farr AKA Dyslexicwhisper. When some find out the allegations will begin. “Thief, you don’t belong!” they will yell.

But others will be drawn in and get lost in my world.

I am already preparing for the consequences for my thievery.

The authorities will soon abandon the light switch of my mind, given up in response to my anarchy.

It will be me and me alone that will hold the responsibility of keeping the light in my mind turned off – or…turning it on.

But I will not feel the burden that was once theirs.

No, I will finally celebrate all that was hidden away.                  ———Kellee Farr


3 comments on “Confessions of a thief

  1. There is purpose to your writing; though it is curiously shrouded in an elliptical pastiche and ribboned over by a lattice of allegorical metaphors, making decipherability all but impossible; unless, of course, you are the Dyslexicwhisper. Your newest admirer, David Grzan, Author of “Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream”.

  2. Shallom my new friend. I love you way of words they are clear and l can understand them, they are deep and meaningful, thank l will read them all.
    Love to you and your words Michel Henri

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