Why I never said your name but can see the energy around you.

I have always said, “If I can ‘see’ it, I can do it.” This is true, from drawing a picture, playing golf and even doing my taxes (keeping a running figure in my head, as to what it will end up like, all the year through).

um… I cannot picture punctuation. lol

Anyways, I (not so long ago) worked at a children’s play center. I loved this job and my employers. When I met one of the co-owners she introduced herself. Her name was a slight variation of Kristen, but no matter how much I practiced it in my head, I always froze unable to get the pronunciation (holy crap I spelled that word right) …. I always froze unable to say her name. I could not, to save my life, get this woman’s name out. She would look at me puzzled, I knew she wondered what my problem was, but “I’m dyslexic” never quite explained it. Although I seem to say it as if I had turrets. I’m dyslexic, I’m dyslexic. It starts to sound like I have a self-esteem issue. And I am not saying that was not part of it. Heavens knows I have not taken part in conversations enough because I know humiliation is right around that corner. But not in this case. I just could not get my word out.

Now I am still figuring out and rummaging through all my memories as to what the heck happened at such-and-such part in my life, and how dyslexia played a roll in my behavior. Great and not so great. And come to find out, my life was drenched in a constant dyslexic frustration. But after reading a wonderful snippet of a book I one day hope to buy, Dyslexia and Creativity: Investigations from Differing Perspectives, I have to admit, Yes, that (what he wrote) is what I was trying to say or figure out. Mick Bean the Author of said snippet had ‘been there done that’ so to speak, and he helped me to see that which I did not know, that was keeping me from ‘seeing’ what my problem was. lol (sort That sentence out!)

You see, I can look at any green and putt the ball in the hole. I won second place in a tournament my first time out. I only putted my husband did the rest. It’s almost like seeing the energy of what is and what I want to happen. Same goes with my taxes. I can look at my oncoming year as if it were a flip-book, seeing every dollar coming in and out until I have the figure in my head. I don’t even have to try. It’s like it is All ‘logged’ up there in my head. My head that cannot spell, punctuate or even say a dear friends name can in 30 seconds figure out my taxes (as long as I don’t have to write them out).

I can find a location anywhere if let loose to just give it a go, but cannot follow simple directions to anyplace to save my life. Whenever I had to take my kids somewhere, and had to go by direction, I would end up telling them “it’s an adventure”. ha ha bless their hearts for loving me unconditionally. On the other hand, my husband (boyfriend at the time) once told me about his job site and how the sun came up in such -and-such way and how it smelt and how beautiful it was, and, no kidding, I surprised him for lunch one day and got there based only on that information and how it related to the (not familiar to me) area that he worked in, some 35miles away. Crazy? Maybe, but true all the same. If I didn’t have to “think” I am confident I can find anyplace by this weird sense of direction I have programmed into me.

So, my point is, if someone wants to pay me to play a world wide game of hide-and-seek, I am in need of employment. We wont even have to yell Marco/Polo. Just paint me a picture my mind can put to life and I will be able to make my fortune. What will You get out of it?? How ’bout a kick-ass, unbelievable game of hide-and-seek.

Whisper THAT! HA!


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