Sexy music to work out to (and others)

If I am going to work out I need to feel one of three things: Empowered (these are usually man hating songs, go figure because I am anything BUT a man hater. I rather like the buggers), Sexy (my sexy and everyone else’s sexy I am sure are two different things), Dance (not the arms bent elbow wiggling dance, no, this is the expel you from your prom, eject you from the concert or club, be it sexy or mosh or take over the dance floor kind) Rave, 80’s, metal, or man hater this is what will pass that hour or two.

So in no particular order I will let you in on my psyche. Keep in mind what ever I come up with probably will not reflect the sweaty struggling mess you would see if you walked in on this routine.

  • Bad Romance… Lady GaGa
  • Poor Some Sugar Me… Def Leppard   … Because in the back of my mind I can still mold my tired ass into a hot Def Leppard music video model.. um, okay, waaay back in my mind (and I think plastic surgery may have influenced this thought)
  • Rag Doll… Aerosmith     … Aerosmith rocks this list!
  • Pink… Aerosmith
  • Freak On A Leash… Korn  … Why? IDK myself, but yes this works for me
  • Hey There Delilah… Plain White T’s   …. I forgot this category, it’s the lower your heart rate you little fool, what were you thinking trying to work your slug of a body to Korn Category?!?
  • No More Tears… Ozzy   … This seems to be an all purpose song for me, and why shouldn’t it be? It is That awesome!
  • I’m Sexy and I Know It… LMAFO   … At this point in my workout I need to smile (or give up) and this song brings on the smile…. wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle lol
  • Welcome To The Jungle… Guns N Roses
  • Rolling In The Deep… Adele   … She is awesome
  • Come Undone… Duran Duran   … Once again feeling like my heart is going to explode on my elliptical machine is a scary place to be, so insert this song, plus it makes the sexy list
  • Sweet Child of Mine… Guns N Roses   … At this point I am at a cross road in this grueling workout and I will keep going through this song just to hear it which in turn gets me over that give up feeling.
  •  Rolling In The Deep… Adele
  • Pump It… Black eyed Peas
  • Shakira… Shakira   … Sexy
  • Talk Dirty To Me… Poison   …. Yes please
  • Cum On Feel The Noize… Quiet Riot
  • Love Bites…   Deff Leppard   … Yes please
  • I remember You…. Skidd Row   …I love Hair band Ballads (I think this is one, if not I love Hair band songs like this. lol)
  • Whenever, Whenever… Shakira   … What is Not sexy about Shakira?
  • Say My Name… Beyonce
  • Desire… U2   … That’s Hot!
  • Pink… Aerosmith   … This band and almost everything they sing.

So thinking on Aerosmith I can say that I could listen to any album through and it would keep me going. The next few are Albums.

  • Areosmith…  Nine Lives, A Little South Of Sanity. Lovin Steve
  • Ozzy Osbourne…   No More Tears. This Album is Musical Genius
  • U2…   Go Home Live From Slane Castle Ireland (the movie) serious poundage has been lost to this movie!
  • Tool…   Undertow   Love IT!
  • Pink… Misunderstood
  • Dixie Chicks… Wide Open Spaces, Fly… Lol had to go all country but it’s great girl power stuff
  • Candlebox…   Candlebox
  • Boston…   Rock And Roll Band
  • Shakira…   Laundry Srvice, love it!

AND For the last song in each workout I have to listen to Billionaire by Travie Mccoy and Bruno Mars because if I were, I could just get surgery and be done with it.

There are many more I am forgetting but this list will see me through


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