My letter to the president

My husband got a job with Granite Construction working on the Folsom Dam in Ca. This was presented to us as the second largest job in America and run by the Department of Home Land Security. This job is supposed to be creating jobs for these desperate out of work carpenters/construction workers. Come to find out they are hiring guys every couple of days and firing them right after. Dozens upon dozens of men who went from unemployment to working, only to be let off and now unable to collect the unemployment that keeps a roof over our children’s head and food in their mouth. And, there isn’t ANY work available.

They are running a numbers game to meet a quota. This for my family sunk us financially! I need major medical attention and based serious financial decisions regarding that care when they hired my husband -WHEN THEY NEVER INTENDED ON KEEPING HIM!! I had a cheaper (less desireable) alternative and passed it by because of the illusion of job security. WE ARE RUINED!!

I thanked the President the DAY HE GOT THE JOB. It was ALL we had! And now we find out the TARP program that is set before us, keeping us in our home, and holding together body and soul, is a sham! Being so grossly managed that it is RUINING lives NOT HELPING!!! Unemployment will be about $30. after this scam.

I BEG you, I plead, please fix this!

I will be losing my home, cannot feed my family, and lost the tiny hold we had keeping us afloat. My husband has NEVER been so discouraged and cannot figure out what he did wrong. Granite will not tell him. I have never seen him (even through this horrible economy) so defeated. They broke what he had left in him.

I have been advised to ask help from every side, Dan Lungren and have already talked to Jerry Brown’s office to no avail. My husband’s Union knows about this and is too weak to stop it from happening. This company has abused the power you created in order to help the American people. We need action. I need YOU!


2 comments on “My letter to the president

  1. I am so sorry for what you are going through Kellee. In this day, and age, when promises for a better life for us middle class people, can be so easily broken, how can our president claim this as his main platform to run on and then fail us. And he has failed us BIG TIME!!

    Now he asks us to trust him for another four years? I never voted, not once, not until I saw him talk. The fact that he was a minority made be feel like he was and understood the “your average Joe”, but he really misrepresented himself, and basically took away the pride I felt at voting for my first time ever.

    He needs to keep his promises. He needs to fix things for families like you who are suffering. He needs to do so many things, but the thing is, did he ever really “want” to do any of that in the first place?

    My love, light, prayers, and shoulder are there for you. I can’t do much more then that. My husband fortunatly has a job, for this I have been grateful, very grateful. He is DoD, served his county 22 years, is a war veteran, and he works VERY hard at his job, yet a bill our president signed has stopped him from receiving any type of raise at all in the last 4 years. Because of this, where we once had a chance to save for a retirement, and I need to add that he is 57, and I’ll be 52 in December, it has now seen us use ALL of our savings, max out our credit cards, and still we can’t keep up with everything we need to see to. It’s embarrassing to be at this age, and know that we may loose everything just as we are suppose to be looking forward to enjoying retirement.

    I work from home, but I only make a few thousand a year. It’s only for a few months out of the year, and it’s taxing to my health, but I have no choice, I have to, otherwise I will not be able to qualify for social security. It certainly is not enough to help with our mounting bills, but because it always runs in the red, it helps when tax time comes along. I feel like I failed our family because I’m unable to take a real job due to health issues.

    We, the middle class, are suffering, while that 1% gets to live the good life. There is no fairness in this situation at all, and until we get someone in the oval office who can do right by the other 99%, I’m not going to hold my breath, but I am going to continue on.

    With that said, I tell myself the same thing every night. That which does not kills us, makes us stronger. I hope that we both not only find ourselves stronger Kellee, but that we will someday soon see the light at the end of our financial woes.

    • Bless your heart, I have lived in such similar circumstances. Except it is very hard for people to see past my dyslexia for me to get a job. I agree that which does not kill us makes us stronger. But I’m tired. My husband is 50 and finding a job in construction is very hard. People are responding to all my posts and so many different government officials are being bombarded with my letter (from everyone, not just me) This company running this job needs to go. This would have been a job he could have retired on. He showed up over and over put in application after application. Went in 4am, 5am hoping that would be the day he would get the job. Along with applying other places. Imagine our elation when he came home with the news. I was able to address the treatment I wasn’t getting for my health, and started to hope and made appointments. AND went to them. $$$$$. Story over. were done. The letter says it all. I thought Obama, being raised by a single mother, would have more respect than to set up a work site that turned out numbers to make it look like he is supplying jobs – yanking the rug out from underneath families that struggled just like his mom did.

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