Songs that help me write, sorry Steph there’s no Muse

  1. I Love You ~ Climax Blues Band.  “Oooooooooo I want you.” hell yeah he does!
  2. Original Sin ~ Elton John. I shouldn’t but I did, it’s a guilty pleasure thing – and I am ALL about it!
  3. Baby Come Back ~ Player. Although I must look up “False Bravado”  lol, Just did (it’s his swagger) AWESOME
  4. Really Love To See You Tonight ~ England Dan and John Ford Coley. Keep it light, the way things should be.
  5. Sister Golden Hair ~ America. Same theme as last, love it!
  6. Escape ~ Rupert Holmes. This song cracks me up. Ha ha! He’s tired of his lady, lol (If you have half a brain) TOO funny!
  7. No Rain ~ Blind Melon. Ha ha this is my life
  8. Right Down The Line ~ Gerry Rafferty. The ultimate song to sing to your girl! Damn this is a GREAT one!!
  9. Make it with you ~ Bread. Love the song and it happens to be sung by my favorite food – need I say more?
  10. Sober ~ Tool. 
  11. Mandy ~ Barry Manilow. DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!!! lolololl, shrug
  12. Everything I own ~ Bread.
  13. No More Tears ~ Ozzy Obourne. Because I am ALWAYS going forward in reverse.
  14. Gypsy ~ Fleetwood Mac. Love Stevie Nicks!! 🙂 And really ANY Fleetwood Mac!
  15. How Deep is Your Love. Bee Gees
  16. More Than A Woman ~ Bee Gees
  17. Dancing Queen ~ ABBA.
  18. Rolling in the Deep ~ Adele. Ha ha don’t mess with her!
  19. Take A Chance On Me ~ ABBA.
  20. Bakers Street ~ Gerry Rafferty.
  21. Sailing Away ~ Christopher Cross. Love this one!
  22. Landslide ~ Stevie Nicks. Nicks is one of my ALl time favorites!
  23. Hey There Delilah ~ Plain White T’s. I want to be Delilah!
  24. Annie’s Song ~ John Denver . lol, once again, Don’t you judge me!
  25. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues ~ The great Elton John
  26. Daniel ~ Elton John.
  27. She’s Always A Woman To Me ~ Billy Joel.  I LOVE love love Billy Joel!
  28. Just The Way You Are ~ Billy Joel. Once again the man spills genius
  29. Danny’s song ~  preferably Anne Murry but Kenny Loggins pulls it off .
  30. Mathew ~ John Denver. It’s a childhood thing 😉
  31. This Old Guitar ~ John Denver
  32. Country Roads ~ John Denver
  33. Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi. Although it is hard not to conduct.
  34. The Best of Times ~  Styx. Any time is the best with this in the background!
  35. Separate Ways ~ Journey.  Journey is good ALL the way through! Once again almost ALL of Journey will work!
  36. Amazing ~ Areosmith.  Love Steven! Sooooo many great concerts and brilliant songs!
  37. Desire ~ U2.  What song don’t I like from U2?… I LOVE them ALL!
  38. U2
  39. Tom Petty
  40. Vivaldi
  41. Ozzy
  42. Areosmith
  43.  Enya
  44. Josh Groban          These last few I can listen everything they do and be inspired to write! LOVE them!

What music inspires you??


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