Sarcasm and Negative People, yes please!

I read post after post, everyone trying to be as up beat as possible. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to be said for upbeat. For one, I really do believe in the “fake it till you feel it” mentality. People are drawn to the positive. But what about when life kicks you senseless? I’m not talking about one or two severe things happening. I’m talking about life kicking you over and over… and over. The kind of time period that leaves you so drenched in that fight or flight chemical that you can only respect the magnitude of the evil that can happen. When I see someone who is going through something like this and they numbly put up post after post of how to make their lemonade, I always wonder if the thing they have been going through has finally made them insane. I want to encourage them, “say it! Just say it already. Life BLOWS sometimes!” At least that would be real.

I went to an AA birthday meeting for a dear friend of mine a few years back. Everyone of the people got up and wanted to tell us how they are making their lemonade. Urgh! Really?!? Finally a man around my age got up there and bemoaned his situation in life with such a negative dry sarcasm that when he had finished, it was all I could do not to leap from my seat clapping like an idiot yelling ENCORE! He was my hero that night, not the ones that had been sober 40 years. (Don’t get me wrong they have my deepest admiration). Not the ones that were still praying so that this might be there ticket out of their troubles (I will give these people my prayers). Call a duck a duck was his war cry. He was real and he has my respect. Sometimes life needs the honest reality shoved back in it’s face with a side of negative sarcasm. There is a time and a place for your positive outlook but there is NO way someone can survive on lemonade alone.

So the next time you grab your computer to “tell us what’s on your mind”,  (as Facebook prompts us to) don’t be afraid to  (in between all of your inspirational words of strength and sunshine)  call  it like you see it. And if you do it with a side of negative sarcasm you may just find me standing up yelling ENCORE! Like a grinning idiot.


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