Look Mom I See In 3D

If I could have told my mother (when I was 6) that I was dyslexic, I would have said, “Look mom I see in 3D.” Not, I’m sorry Mrs. So-in-so your daughter is dyslexic, and by the way we have no idea what to do with her. I would have told her not to worry, because me being the dyslexic that I am, I will look around any road blocks and find another way. And, not to worry mom, because you see, I see with ALL of my senses. I get over stimulated, this is why I am tired ALL of the time. So don’t beat yourself up, just let me sleep in on Saturdays, and understand when I don’t wake up “chipper.” Know, that when my knee bounces up and down, one-hundred miles an hour, it is because looking at, well everything, gives me motion sickness. This helps with that. My stomach aches and that is just a part of who I am. But, I will be okay. The same goes for my arms and legs hurting. When I am at school, I am not, not paying attention; I copy things from the chalk board wrong because I do not see what the other children see. But once again don’t worry, there are other ways. I see things differently and all I need is your support and love.

I read my first book in eighth grade, and it took me months and months. But I LOVED it! When Nintendo came out with the “more advanced” games like Mario and the first Legend of Zelda, I knew my time was right around the corner. I begged for a computer and was given the most basic, low tech type of computer around, but all I saw was my potential. I had no doubt that technology would advance into something that I would one day take advantage of. Needless to say I LOVE Microsoft word. That Microsoft is so clever, all I have to do is get the word similar to what I am looking for and it points me in the right direction. With all of the social media and wonderful inventions like Texting (no vowels, hell yeah!) I am forgiven my lack of perfecting the world of writing. I am not stupid, for what it is worth, my IQ is two points below former President Clinton’s.

Now I am in the process of finishing the last revise of my first book, Old Soul. Yeppers, mom a dyslexic author. Not the first, of course, but I will start by publishing on Amazon e-books for Kindle and maybe someday I will make enough to buy an editor for a book called “Look mom I see in 3D,” by Kellee Farr the dyslexic author. I will finally be able to write how everything will be okay. And sadly enough it will not be something my mom can benefit from but maybe it will help unlock the words for other mother’s, father’s, grandparent’s, teacher’s and caregiver’s that other six-year-old’s cannot find.

So see mom, I will love life like all the other children. I will find a way and you could have enjoyed my childhood without the extra worry. Yes, I dance to a different drummer, but hey, my dance party is broadcast in 3D; the rest of the world is just now catching on. And they pay extra!

Love ya, mom! Your little Blondie.


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