Kellee’s Top Movie Picks!


  1. Braveheart. This movie rocks! I will watch it OVER and OVER! My number one!!
  2. The Last Samurai. Once again loved it!
  3. Far and Away. “You came back from the dead to tell me I’m Odd?” LOLOLOL “Take Friday too, you spineless, little, fraction of a man.” LOLOLOL
  4. The Duchess. When they take her baby from her, I fall apart. :(
  5.  Hoffa. My roots, how can anyone not love this??
  6. The Godfather series. Does this count as three if I always watch it in one sitting??
  7. I am David. BIG tear, but wow.
  8. Cinderella Man. We all need a man like that.
  9. 17 again. LOLOLOLOL
  10. Bugsy. More roots, very cool.
  11. Apollo 13. For some reason I am so into this movie?
  12. Easy A. Too funny.
  13. Legends of the Fall. SMOKIN HOT!!
  14. Memoirs of a Geisha. Loved the book and this came so close, well done.
  15. The Heartbreak Kid. LOLLOLOOLOL
  16. The DaVinci Code. Tom Hanks is brilliant, as always.
  17. Angels & Demons. Like you didn’t see that one coming.
  18. 3:10 to Yuma. Um, can I just say yum and yum!
  19. The Notebook. Big tear
  20. Casino. Once again back to my roots.
  21. Shawshank Redemption. A bit dark but very well done.
  22. Pirates of the Caribbean, the first one. The rest are whatever but would and will see anything Johnny Depp. (EXCEPT Edward Scissorhands)
  23. Always. Love this love story
  24. The Avenger’s. 2012.
  25. Band of Brothers. I sat there from start to finish. wow
  26. Spanglish. I never would have left that couch if I were them!
  27. The Count of Monte Cristo.
  28. French Kiss. Love, love, love Meg!
  29. Point Of No Return. Loved this then, love this now.
  30. The Saint. Should be renamed Hot Val!
  31. The Last of the Mohicans. I loved this movie, shrug.
  32. Brother’s. I have PTSD so I totally got this one! Very well done.
  33. King Arthur. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVE this movie!
  34. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Harrison Ford looks like my Dad ❤
  35. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I Love Sean!!!
  36. We Were Soldiers. Very awesome movie
  37. What women Want. Before he went crazy lol
  38. The Pacific. Once again sat ALL the way through
  39. White Christmas. Classic
  40. Holiday Inn. Can’t go wrong with Bing and Fred
  41. 50 first Dates. I just love Adam S.
  42. Love comes softly. sigh
  43. Tangled 3D. I want some hot guy to win me over with his smolder.
  44. Finding Neverland. Sad but so good
  45. Whatever Happens in Vegas. Love this too funny!
  46. Jane Eyer, a few different versions but I like the resent one best
  47. Little Women.
  48. Pride & Prejudice. Before Cullen there was Mr. Darcy. Darcy for the WIN!
  49. The English Patient. Oh yea!
  50. Just Married. Hahahhahaaa
  51. Forest Gump. Forgot that one, thanks Sean
  52. Ever After
  53. The Patriot. How did I forget this one. Needs to be top three. Stay the course!

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