If I had a super power

I would not wish for invisibility; I have been able to call on that for years.

I do not need super strength, I was given that gift long ago.

I have no reason to learn to fly because everyday I find a reason to soar.

I can read a room like the most advanced psychic, so there is no need to wish for that one either.

Teleporting might be cool if had not learned to always want to be where I am.

People have thrown around the word genius but that always depends on the room your standing in.

I can decipher codes like no other; just look what I have done with the English language.

I already have heightened senses so that wont make the list.

So, after thinking it through , if I could have a super power I would want it to be some kind of hyper dy slexia.

The kind you read about in a good book. It would unlock the powers of the universe and help bring together God and science. Yes, the only power left would be the one that is still a mystery to me. It offers endless hours of speculation as to what may come next and it has given me so much power already.


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