Dyslexic Indie Writer Seeks Holy Grail

I need an editor. I found one that seemed not only a wizard at his craft but advertised to the indie writer. I read into his world and found some posts with character.  I LOVE character! It may have been a risk but I found myself writing in the tone of my personality, instead of the straight forward request the professional world demands.

I found myself smiling as I wrote it. I then chose to send it out into the world, hoping to find more people like the one that thought of having Google write, “SNAP! something went wrong, we are looking into it” (or something similar) in the center of your computer screen when all your programs shut down, in the middle of an important search.

So, here is my risky letter. We will see if I get a response.  Note the link to my twitter site that has a link to this site. If Mr. Editor finds and reads this, I want him to know that I am green with envy at the fact that he can even have a favorite way to use punctuation. This along with many other literary marvels will forever be out of my reach. I stand in awe.

Mr. …….,

I am a dyslexic, indie author with a complete manuscript, looking for a guide to finish my “journey of creation.” I mention dyslexia because this will account for errors that others would catch. I have had people I know proof read my manuscript, along with my best friend Microsoft Word. It is time to pull out the big guns. So, Mr. ……., will you be my big guns?
Oops, I’m jumping the gun. I am interested in information on your fees and would love to have you look at the first 1500 words, so that you might give me an idea of just how big my guns have to be, and how much this weaponry may cost.
I have other projects and would love to form a working relationship with someone I can trust. This particular novel, Old Soul, is a 100,000 word, young adult, paranormal romance.
You may have read this e-mail, excitement building with such promising words like “indie author,” the same emotional draw for the constant little “I haven’t a clue” that is written between every line, and thought, “Score! She MUST be a millionaire, sign me up!” Sadly, I must let you down here and reveal my “starving artist” status. But I ask, who wants to be a millionaire? I do! And I am looking for a few good people to kick the rocks with, on the trail of my journey to greatness.
One final note: I am often going forward in reverse on this rocky trail. It’s the dyslexic’s way. This may look weird but it is never boring.
Hoping this will work out,
Kellee Farr
You can go to https://twitter.com/dyslexicwhisper for a preview of my world.
So there it is, this is the world I want to live in. Through all my years I have met the most amazing people. The ones I connect with, the ones I would like in my life are the ones that love to smile. Would you have sent this? I would like to know why or why not.

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